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Croatia is also known for its recreation and sport places, mostly for its beautiful nature resorts and places as if designed for human amusement.

Hiking, climbing, diving and water sports are only a tip of the iceberg but are the most popular and are enjoyed by many.

Croatian people, especially people in Dubrovnik region, have always been closely connected to the sea so its no surprise that the sea related activities are converted to a tourist attractions and nowadays hit top of the charts.

Follow your adventure:

Fishing - For centuries Dubrovnik fishermen have lived of the fish they caught in the abundant Adriatic. The crown examples of Dentex and Bellows fish is an usual part of a dinner table for every Dubrovnik fisherman and every day is a feast as the fish is traditionally prepared in more than a thousand ways, the proud part of the Croatian Mediterranean heritage.

Now days, you can join in the fishing excursions with experienced fishermen who know they way around the Dubrovnik isles, and are willing to show you in their fish catching tricks passed down for generations, and with them you can visit the best fishing spots on the whole riviera. A true Adriatic experience.
If this is what you prefer Big Game Fishing excursions and Deep sea fishing adventures are the way to go!

Or if you feel that's too much, maybe a fish picnic is a thing to try, a boat tour across the archipelago just west of Dubrovnik featuring, sun, sea, fish, and wine.
Three Islands Cruise, or The Fish picnic how it is commonly called is a cruise on a small boat of 30-50 people to the three largest islands in the Elaphite Islands archipelago: Kalamota, Lopud, and Sipan. The three islands cruise is all about good company, singing, swimming and dancing as you are guided through the trasures of the Elaphite Islands Riviera.

Diving - Dubrovnik Region is a special attraction for those who are fond of diving or just wondering about it and would like to learn how to dive. Whether your looking for isolated places for nature diving or specific sights like a historical wreck, you'll not look far as every new reef, covered with coral and seashells, seems like a hidden mystery while those mysteries already uncovered still appear tempting. Popular destinations for fish sport diving are the islands of Mrkan and Bobara. To learn more of diving in Dubrovnik read more in our article on Dubrovnik Diving.

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Rowing and Kayaking - Being an university city, rowing club and a university rowing team is an inseparable part of Dubrovnik. The name of the Dubrovnik rowing club is 'Neptun' (named upon the God of sea), and it is a special attraction to see the rowers at their best, on the sea, training, maybe even see them race among themselves or against the tourist boats or ships coming into or leaving the port. The club is glad to welcome all, young and old, former rowers, maybe even give you a chance to train with them.

Kayaking is an usual occurrence around the whole region and there are many places that support this activity and let you rent your own kayak or let you join a kayaking excursion. Especially popular are kayaking excursions around the Elaphite Islands and all around the City to Lokrum and further to Cavtat.

Yachting and Sailing - If you are into sailing or yachting Dubrovnik is a right place to start or if you have a sailboat or yacht, a place to dock. You can dock either in the port of Gruz or seven Kilometres of Dubrovnik in an 'ACI' marina offering a wide array of services.

Powerboating is a mix of sightseeing and water sports as you are able to rent a powerboat and enjoy the whole day in sightseeing Dubrovnik coastline, or simply enjoy the water skii rides, snorkeling, and sun bathing at the slim bow of the extremely fast motor boat.

Water polo - is one of the sports that are played vigorously in the City and beyond. One of the best Croatian, even world, water polo club 'Jug' (South) is pride and joy of Dubrovnik.
There is an amateur league played during the summer called 'Divlja Liga' (Wild league). Only non professionals may play in the league and every team represents one of Dubrovnik beaches. The league is played half seriously half fun, the main idea that everybody has a good time. Everyone may join in, if you feel up to it contact the people on your beach playing the game about the details how to join a team.

Bicycling takes you on the scenery tours around Dubrovnik Region. Showing you great panoraman views and taking you out in nature and fresh air. The bicycling mostly depends on the size of the grop so it may be unavailable during some periods of the year.

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Trekking and Hiking - One of the best ways to enjoy the nature and relive the culture is on ones own two feet, letting the thoughts wander to their own liking and the smell of fresh air curing the mind. Many sites in the region offer interesting points for hiking and cross country walks.
First and the closest, is the hiking to the top of the hill Srđ, just over Dubrovnik. One just has to follow the path above Šipcine and the path will lead all the way to the top of this lovely 512 meters high hill offering an amazing view to whole of the archipelago and on a clear day the view prostrates all the way to Italy.
Other hiking places are Župa, with many hills and cross country roads passing through wonderful green woods of Aleppo and Pine, with hilltops offering rewarding views.
Peninsula Pelješac is an another attractive location with many places worth visiting on foot, starting from the Ston wall and continuing further to the inner of the peninsula. Mljet is another great hiking resort.
Traditionally on the May 1st many people go for organized 'hiking expedition' and general nature loving experience. People spontaneously choose one of the popular spots for cross country hiking and end their day at the hilltops enjoying the view. On this day thousands of people leave their homes and spend their time in the nature with friends and make new friendships.

Camping - There are many camps in the Dubrovnik region, from the one on the Babin Kuk to the camps in Župa and a few more in the immediate Dubrovnik area. Pelješac is another popular camping resort.

Climbing - There are many steep and rather steep cliffs that offer this unique and quite enjoyable experience.

Horseback Riding - In Konavle, there are small ranches, privately run, that offer horseback riding and general animal experience.

Extreme Sports - It is not quite possible to count every extreme sport in the region, but very popular are the paintball courts and the paintball areas in the Župa woods and hillocks and the Bungee jumping from the Dubrovnik bridge is another adventure worth of trying, a real adrenaline rush experience.
ATV/Quad adventures where you drive a quad vehicle through the most difficult terrains pushing the vehicle to its limits i certainly a thing to try.

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