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Banje beach

Banje, the most famous Dubrovnik beach seems like providence. This divine pebble and sandy beach is located not more than an eye wink of The Pearl of the Adriatic offering a graceful heavenly view.

Banje beachWatching the picture you could just begin to imagine a feeling of laying down, relaxing, in a deck chair under a sun umbrella on Banje beach, enjoying an amazing view while ordering a cool drink from a beach bar but that's not all Banje has to offer...

... for if you feel up to it you could rent a pedal boat and take it on a ride beside the City walls or to Lokrum

or for those more adventurous souls, perhaps renting a Jet Ski would be challenging or even taking a parachute ride featuring an unforgettable city view.

Whatever you prefer with one thing you can never go wrong, taking a plunge in Dubrovnik's warm crystal clear sea, letting it overwhelm you, make you feel newborn and completely relaxed.

And with the waning of the sun and the beautiful sunset on Banje beach something strange happens as the last of the swimmers leave for the beach slowly transforms, like a butterfly, offering something new, an exciting night out experience as the beach bar slowly transforms into a night club.

To reach Banje beach you exit the walled City of Dubrovnik through the east gate (Ploce Gate) to the Dubrovnik suburb of Ploce. After approximately 100 meters (300 feet) walk you arrive at this lovely Dubrovnik beach.

Like what you see ?, see also these beaches: Copacabana, Sv. Jakov

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Picigin - Beyond the game

Picigin, next to water-polo one of the few sports that are nurtured and exercised by local dwellers during the summer. The goal of the game, simple, the ball must not fall into the water, however a goal extremely hard to accomplish while retaining the beauty and graciousness that the game poses.

Dubrovnik piciginThe ball, usually fist sized, can be hit any way you like just to keep it from falling down. The game is best played in knee deep water with players forming a circle ensuring lots of space for catching and throwing one self for those loose balls.

Dubrovnik beachesAnd the main idea of the game is not just to keep the ball from falling as that could be easily done stealing the fun from the game, but player purposely place hard balls to one another just to see the other one stretch and get the play on the go. And don't be fooled and think that the game is limited only to the water part as in the heat of the play it is usual to run over the beach and throw oneself biting the sand for the good of saving the ball.

Watching the locals play you feel as if that small ball represents the sun, the center of galaxy, and to let it fall would be an inevitable end, a tragedy.
Try out this "contagious" game on your vacation and see what's it all about. The best playground for picigin is on Lopud, the Šunj beach.

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