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The Sponza Palace

All trade routes of Dubrovnik Republic went through this marvelous palace, maybe the most beautiful in whole of Dubrovnik built with the purpose of being a custom-house.

The Sponza palace was built in a mixture of late Gothic and Renaissance styles following the plans of Paskoje Miličević who also built the famous sacristy of the Dominican monastery . In the construction of the Sponza Palace he used all of his ingenuity and inspiration making it his masterpiece worthy of the Dubrovnik experience. The building posses the so called "Dubrovnik manner", the way of building which propagates simplicity and harmony highly appealing to the eye. Especially the facade of the palace is higly appealing giving the impression of kind of a stone lacework.

The Sponza Palace construction started in 1516 and as mentioned earlier was basically intended for a custom-house, a place where the goods brought by merchants from all over the world would be conveyed and custom fees collected.
The atrium of the palace, is divinely formed with an arched gallery spreading all around, encircling the once always busy commerce centre and the meeting place of all businessmen of the old Dubrovnik republic and beyond. Today the Atrium of the Sponza palace is an art gallery always exhibiting some interesting works from Dubrovnik present or past.

One wing of the Sponza palace used to house the state mint in the time of the Dubrovnik republic. The mint was founded by the Republic earlier, in the 14th century and the mint went on working in Sponza palace up to the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic.

By the end of the 16th century Sponza became the central cultural centre of the Dubrovnik Republic. The highly educated citizens of Dubrovnik, the members of the prestige club "The Academy of The Learned" met on regular basis in this palace and they led their discussions about Literature, arts and all the important scientific achievements of their time.

Undamaged in The Great Earthquake of 1667 the Sponza palace now proudly stands on Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik, while showing off its luxury, like an old lady with its pearls, to a noble ever smiling warrior Orlando who eternally glares at the enchanted palace guarding it from ruffians as once before he defended Dubrovnik and deserved his rightful place on Stradun to forever hold the "Libertas" (freedom) flag during the opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival as actors guide the opening ceremony from the Sponza palace terrace.

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